Commercial cleaning is an art which needs a broader knowledge of skills along with planning, organizing, cleaning techniques, surface materials, health and safety of the site, equipment, and chemicals. Trainers if untrained, without such knowledge could pose a risk to others, to themselves, to surface materials and will also contribute to a significant wastage of cleaning products and time.

The need for commercial cleaning training programs

Apart from safety,commercial cleaning training programs are needed for inculcating good and hygienic cleaning standards and practices which will help to reduce cost by reducing wastage.Commercial cleaning training programs will also promote new ideas in the organization. It deals with the introduction of newer opportunities which could be well harnessed as well as improving the current thinking and procedures.

Onsite commercial cleaning training programs

Whether it is a group of existing or new staff, onsitecommercial cleaning training programs can deliver and design such courses which are centred on the exact requirements as well as based upon the training needs.

Such programs deliver focussed practical training to the staff as per your requirements and also specific to your cleaning equipment and products. It also provides specific training to the staff in special environments such as office, industrial, health, etc.

Cleaning techniques and tasks for all types of industries:

  1. Training the cleaning managers and supervisors.
  2. Training on the equipment used
  3. Safe handling and use of cleaning chemicals.
  4. General safety and health for cleaners.
  5. COSHH training to cleaners and cleaning supervisors
  6. Infection control
  7. Office and IT equipment cleaning
  8. Commercial food safety in the kitchen

Main areas for onsite training:

  1. Industrial
  2. Hotels
  3. Retail
  4. Clinical environments and hospitals
  5. Office administration
  6. Educational facilities and schools

Benefits of onsite training to the employer

  1. No travelling subsistence to the employees, thus reducing the overall time and cost
  2. All the employees could interact and study together in a group
  3. Training could be tailored as per the organization’s needs and expectations so that the staff could get the best possible results
  4. Classroom-based and practical material as delivered through a dedicated and experienced trainer.

Training the trainer programs

Commercial training programs provide training packages for trainers with full guidance on how to plan and execute a clean training course. It is a complete multipurpose package which comes with training courses and additional guidance for the trainers which they need in delivering training to the cleaners. It is best suited for the following:

  1. Cleaning companies thinking to train their cleaners
  2. Companies with facility managers who want to give training to the cleaning staff
  3. In- house teams for cleaning both in public and private sectors
  4. Social enterprises and charitable companies looking to provide training to the people and thus improving employability.
  5. Large organizations who want to train the cleaning staff anywhere across the world
  6. Cleaning franchisee and franchisors wanting to include cleaning training in their cleaning operations.

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