Air Cooler VS AC, Which Is Better

Although the Air Cooler is a product of modern technology, the concept of air conditioning has been known since the Middle Ages, namely in the days of Ancient Rome and Persia. Willis Haviland Carrier became the first person to invent a large-scale modern Air Cooler that uses electricity in 1902.

Air Cooler Function

As the name implies, air conditioner, Air Cooler, has a function to condition the air in a room to feel fresh, comfortable, and healthy. Three things can be conditioned or regulated by using Air Coolers, namely temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness.

1. Adjust the Air Temperature

The primary function of the Air Cooler is to regulate the temperature in the room. You can set the desired temperature through the numbers printed on the remote control. In general, the lowest temperature of the Air Cooler is 180 Celsius, and the highest temperature is 300 Celsius.

2. Regulate Air Humidity

Air temperature and humidity are interrelated so that indirectly, the Air Cooler also functions to regulate humidity. The temperature of the Air Cooler should be adjusted to the ideal temperature, which is 24-26 degrees Celsius. Because the air is too cold has high humidity, causing the skin to dry quickly.

3. Clean the air

Air Cooler machines are equipped with filters to filter out dust and dirt in the air so that it becomes clean and healthy. Therefore, the Air Cooler filter must be cleaned regularly to remove filtered dirt so that air can be kept fresh and clean.

Air Cooler Components

To be able to carry out its functions, the Air Cooler is specifically designed and consists of several components, which generally can be grouped into four parts, namely the main ingredients, supporting elements, electricity, and refrigerants.

1. Main Components

The main components in an Air Cooler are components that function to regulate air temperature, consisting of a condenser, compressor, evaporator, and capillary pipes.

2. Supporting Components

The Air Cooler is also equipped with other components to support the work of the Air Cooler.

3. Electrical Components

Because the Air Cooler works using electricity, it also needs electrical components that have various functions as follows.

  • Thermostat: adjust the room temperature automatically to match the command on the remote
  • Capacitors: store electricity temporarily so that when turned on, the Air Cooler already has the energy to start the engine.
  • Overload: disconnects the flow of power on the compressor if the compressor is working, is interrupted, is out of oil, or is lacking refrigerant.
  • Electric motor: converts electrical energy into mechanical energy in the Air Cooler fan.

4. Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a substance that flows in the Air Cooler system and functions as a cooler. When the Air Cooler works, the refrigerant changes from continuously between liquid and gas to produce cold air.


How Air Cooler it works

An Air Cooler consists of two interconnected coils, the evaporator coil placed inside the room, and the condenser coil placed outside the office. The ail cooler refrigerant that flows continuously.

The working principle of the Air Cooler is straightforward, which is to keep the evaporator air cooler (cooler than room temperature) and the condenser coil still hot (hotter than atmospheric temperature). The refrigerant that flows will absorb heat from inside the room and throw it out of the room.

If you want to find out the difference between Air Cooler and AC, here are the differences that you should understand:

Cooling mechanism

If the Air Cooler uses a compressor and refrigerant to cool the room, the Air Cooler provides coolness by using water and ice that has been frozen in the freezer.

If you can determine the temperature of the Air Cooler in the room, the Air Cooler can only regulate the speed and wind alone.

Electricity Consumption

Air Cooler is an alternative for those who have low electric power at home. If the Air Cooler needs about 400-1100 watts of wattage, the Air Cooler only needs around 7.4-250 watts of watts. Obviously here the Air Cooler saves more electricity than the Air Cooler. Look at the power company near me to see if they have affordable rates to support your Air Cooler without raising your power bill.


If you are using a wall-mounted Air Cooler, the Air Cooler is certainly located, and it is difficult to move without the help of a technician. While the Air Cooler is more flexible, the unit is easily moved anywhere according to your needs.


To carry out maintenance, in certain parts, the Air Cooler must be handled by a technician or expert. As for Air Cooler treatment, you can do it yourself so that maintenance costs are far more efficient.

Vankool Air Cooler VAB04-EQ

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