12 Gardening Tools That Must be Owned. Growing crops or gardening is a very fun activity to do between busy times. To carry out this activity, surely gardening equipment is needed that can support all needs.
Because gardening is a very long process and must be done carefully.
It takes a lot of equipment so that everything works properly.
learn more about gardening products and tools that will make the gardening process easier.

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12 Gardening Tools That Must be Owned
Gardening Tools You Must Have at Home

1. Shovel

This tool is a must-have for all gardening hobbyists.

The function of this tool is to chop or flatten the planting media such as soil.

2. Land Softener

As the name suggests, the function of this tool is used when you want to loosen the soil.
In addition to smoothing, this tool can also be used to level the ground.
For other functions, you can also use this tool to clean up dried leaves scattered around the garden.

3. Hoes

Functions are almost the same as a shovel, the hoe offers another function that is digging the soil to make holes in the growing media.
The rest, this tool is used the same as a shovel.

4. Gloves

Soil is a dirty media were many bad bacteria nest.
Therefore, you need gloves to protect your hands from evil germs.
In addition, gloves can also protect you from thorns if you care for roses at home.

5. Spray

The spray here serves to kill pests or fungi as maintenance of flowers or plants.
In addition, you can also use it to spray liquid fertilizer or anti-pest / fungus on plant parts such as leaves, branches, or stems.

 6. Corner of the Hand

The shape is similar to a shovel, but apparently this tool has its own function.
Usually, this tool is used to make small holes that will be filled with seeds.
In addition, this tool can also be used to move plant seeds.

7. Auction

Water is an important element that plants need to grow healthy and fertile.
For that, do not forget to prepare the hose as a garden watering media.
Don’t forget to choose a hose that has a water distribution setting so you can use the water as needed.

8. Sprinklers

Unlike the hose, sprinklers are usually used to water the flowers.
In addition, the advantage of this tool is that you can still water the plants even though you do not have direct access to water.

9. Plant Scissors

Some plants must be kept cut to keep them looking neat and attractive.
Having a small size, this tool can easily be used to trim leaves, branches, or twigs of plants.

10. PH Meter

Each soil has a different pH level.
The pH level in the soil is whether or not the soil is fertile.
To check, you need a pH meter that can be purchased at the nearest garden shop.

11. Pot Plants / Containers

Not everyone has land that can be used for farming.
Usually, these people are gardening on the roof with potted plants/container media.
For you who have the same problem, it never hurts to try this way.

12. Horticulture Lighting Group

For those who like to grow crops with horticultural plants but do not have land, HLG can be an indoor gardening solution.
Horticultural Plants Besides being used and enjoyed by residents of the house, it can also be a very promising agribusiness business opportunity.


Here are some gardening tools that must be owned by all activists who like farming.
Apparently there are so many pieces of equipment that must be owned.
Although many, of course, each of these equipment has its own function that can facilitate the process of farming.

Hopefully, it will be useful for all especially plant enthusiasts and gardening activities

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