Taking care of your trees during summer might require more work and dedication than during all the other seasons. But keeping your trees healthy is definitely worth it in the long run and it will save you money and time too.  Here are a few tips to keep your trees and shrubs strong during the heated summer months:

Tip #1 – Get a professional evaluation: call a tree care expert and ask him to come to check the overall health of your trees. A certified arborist can offer you some precious insights on treatments and procedures that could correct the issues your trees are facing. A tree care company will also provide you with some useful information on how to water and care for your trees.

Tip #2- Add some mulch to your trees: it will not only nurture and protect the roots but also protect your tree from the heat and retain moisture. Spread it around the base of each tree to a depth of up to 4 inches in order to avoid dehydration of the soil if there is a drought. Don’t put mulch too close to the trunk otherwise, it will retain too much moisture and might attract pest and diseases.

Tip #3- Watering trees during summer is a little bit more challenging than during the rest of the year. Overwatering is also a mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Pay attention to the age of your tree to determine the correct amount of water that is required.

Tip #4 Pruning your trees the smart way in summer is possible even if the tree is not dormant like during winter. You should prune your tree only when it’s absolutely necessary but it still can be done for corrective reasons like getting rid of dying branches or twigs before what killed them attacks the rest of the trunk or the canopy for example.

Tip #5 – Checking for diseases and pests: even if your trees look strong and healthy, they might be attracting pests and you won’t see the effects until much later. Take a closer look at your trees once a week and pay attention to wounds, holes, dripping sap, and dead branches. The earlier you detect an infestation, the better! And it will save the neighboring trees as well if detected early enough.

Tip #6 – To cable or not to cable? Protect your trees from summer storms with cabling. Tree experts can remove dead limbs and cable weak limbs, or even remove entirely a tree that can cause damage to your property or the surrounding areas.

With these simple tips, you should be ready for the summer season. Healthy trees provide some shade and offer gorgeous views when you look outside your windows or sit in your backyard. If you are thinking about selling your property soon, it will also raise its overall value.

Hiring a tree professional is the best way to give your trees what they need. Special attention should be paid to younger trees because they’re still building their roots and need more maintenance to grow healthy and strong.