Air Cooler VS AC, Which Is Better?

Air Cooler VS AC, Which Is Better

Although the Air Cooler is a product of modern technology, the concept of air conditioning has been known since the Middle Ages, namely in the days of Ancient Rome and Persia. Willis Haviland Carrier became the first person to invent a large-scale modern Air Cooler that uses electricity in 1902.

Air Cooler Function

As the name implies, air conditioner, Air Cooler, has a function to condition the air in a room to feel fresh, comfortable, and healthy. Three things can be conditioned or regulated by using Air Coolers, namely temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness.

1. Adjust the Air Temperature

The primary function of the Air Cooler is to regulate the temperature in the room. You can set the desired temperature through the numbers printed on the remote control. In general, the lowest temperature of the Air Cooler is 180 Celsius, and the highest temperature is 300 Celsius.

2. Regulate Air

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