Great Eco-Friendly Options for Your Garden

In this day and age, everybody should be doing as much as they can to help protect the environment. The garden is a great place where you can create a relaxing space but it is also the perfect space to bring in some eco-friendly solutions so you can give back to the planet.


You will use a tremendous amount of water around your garden and a commitment to going green will save you a lot of money over the years. Invest in a water-butt to collect rainwater to save your water bill. This water is clean and natural and can be used in a variety of different places around your garden.

If you like to water your plants to give them a little extra boost, the time of day you water them at is very important if you wish to remain as eco-friendly as possible. Whip the hose or … Read the rest

Put More Green in Your Landscape

Everyone loves a green, gorgeous lawn. Once spring rolls around, we’re all ready to spend some time outside, and a plush yard is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the outdoors. If you have a green thumb, keeping your grass thick and green might not be difficult. But if you don’t have much expertise, here are some tips for keeping your landscape beautiful.

Keep it Natural

Stick with plants that were meant to grow in your climate. Mother Nature breeds very selectively, cultivating flowers, trees, and other plants to grow in specific areas. You can mimic these conditions if you have the right tools, but upkeep is much easier if you stick to what will grow naturally where you are.

Plants that are meant to grow in your specific location will thrive better than anything else. They’ve adapted and evolved over centuries to live in their natural habitat. If … Read the rest

Winter home and garden tips for Australians

When winter comes around it is hard to muster any sort of enthusiasm for any outdoor activity.  Let alone feel the need to crawl around in the garden.  Understandably, when you live in thenorthernhemisphere that experiences a frosty and icy winter, gardening is not an option.  However, should you live in the southern hemisphere where winters are not as severe, you have little excuse.  Countries like Australia still have some temperate days where the sun comes out and a little gardening or outdoor chores can be taken care of.  Not saying it is not cold, but it certainly does not mean you gamble with getting frostbite while you are taking care of your garden and outdoor maintenance.

If you are someone that suffers from the winter blues, studies have recently shown that getting outdoors helps to relieve some of the symptoms.  Gardening is a great winter outdoor activity, as you … Read the rest

What is the Best Sand for a Kids Sandpit?

Having a sandpit in the garden can be great fun for young kids. They’ll spend hours building sandcastles, digging holes and enjoying the sensory experience. It will also remind them of holidays at the beach. However, it’s not just a case of digging a hole and filling it with sand. There is also the issue of keeping unwanted visitors, such as the neighbourhood cats, out of this play area. You also need to consider where to put it.

Choosing a Spot for Your Sandpit

Ideally you want an area that is level and firm. It needs to be dry, with good drainage. This is because you don’t want it to become waterlogged or flood. The best position with regards the light will be an area that is partly in shade and partly in sunlight. That way the sun will be able to keep the sand dry and the shade will … Read the rest

4 Mini Greenhouse Ideas

Just because your garden is small, doesn’t mean you can’t have a greenhouse. They can be of such great benefit to gardeners that nobody should miss out. A greenhouse is a great place for nursing poorly plants back to their former glory, for growing fresh herbs and vegetables, for getting seeds started early, for propogating plants and to extend the growing season a little longer. Overwintering plants is also possible in a greenhouse. For those of you who don’t have room for a full sized greenhouse, why not try out one of the following ideas?

Recyle Old Windows

Old windows are a great idea when you want a smaller greenhouse. If you’re about to have your windows replaced then save the old ones. Or ask friends or family to keep theirs. Alternatively, visit a reclamation yard where you’re bound to find some. With five old windows and a wooden pallet … Read the rest