Think Big When it Comes to Landscaping

It is easy to think up a basic landscaping for your home, but sometimes you need to be creative. This is especially true if your house sits on a large property. When you plant flowers and shrubs around a home with an oversized yard, the beauty can become lost in the landscape. Bird baths, gazing balls, and other lawn ornaments won’t even be noticed from the road. Large properties require something big and impressive to make an impact. Try one of the following projects to make your home stand out above all the rest.

The Farm Lake

Have you ever gone past a house with a small lake on the property? Nothing can add beauty quicker than a water feature. Country homes that sit on open expanses of land are ideal places for these types of ponds and lakes. There are two ways you can go with this project. The lake can become a form of entertainment as well as decoration by adding a diving board or slide for swimming, a small dock for paddle boats, or a mini pier for fishing. Picnic tables and swings make this an inviting family area. The other option is an elegantly decorated lake. Keep it simple with nothing more than a lake fountain pump like those from The Lake Doctors, Inc. used to create a fountain of water in the center of the pond.

A Gazebo

Nothing can be more charming than a quaint gazebo on your property. Painted to match the main house, these are a beautiful accent to any country home. Once it is built, plant shrubs and flowers around it that coordinate with the ones you have surrounding the actual house. Place benches or a table and chairs inside so that you can use this space for relaxing or entertaining. The addition of lighting will make it useful in the evenings as well.

Either one of these projects will immediately draw attention to your home. The property will feel balanced, and the beauty of the flowers and shrubs will now get the attention they deserve. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch to either idea. You want your home and yard to be a wonderful reflection of who you really are.