How to find the most reliable cleaning company for your home or office

Most of us use a regular housekeeping or cleaning service or hire a part-time maid because of our busy work schedule. The advantage we get in return is; we can recharge ourselves and spend more time with our family after leaving the household tasks in professional’s hands. However, it can be a daunting decision to hire a professional house cleaning company for the first time, as you will be allowing a stranger into your most personal areas of the house.

Allowing a cleaner to see behind your secret doors can feel like an interruption in your privacy, and you have to make sure that they are not going to judge you for your dirty laundry and lousy housekeeping skills. Moreover, the significant thing is ensuring that they would clean your home as you would do and will take care of your stuff. I’m here mentioning some useful guidelines to select a reliable cleaning company for your home or office.

  1. Think Ahead

It is imperative to plan before considering a company for housekeeping services. Cleaning companies have busy schedules because permanent clients mostly occupy their time so it may take some days to get your first appointment. People mostly hire cleaning companies before big events like Christmas or Easter. So if you’re planning to hire a cleaning company start calling for an early appointment.

  1. Get recommendations from your friends & family

To hire a reliable company start asking for recommendations from your friends & family. Recommendations will give you complete information about the company and honest feedback. Companies showcase that they are experienced, credible and professional but when dealt personally the experience can be horrible. So a referral from a family member or friend can paint an accurate picture and can be more authentic.

  1. Read reviews about the company

Happy people don’t leave feedback, but unhappy do, to show the world how terrible their experience was. Most people use that option as a chance to vent and blow a story out of nothing. If a company has more good and few bad reviews, you can consider hiring it as nobody is perfect.

  1. Readout Company’s policy

It would be best if you read a company’s policy carefully. If the company has promised to fulfil the damage/injury like if any damage occurs to your stuff or in case of theft will they be compensating you? You must remember that this is a litigious world and you can be on the hook for all the damages if the cleaning company is not providing you with a satisfactory level of assurance. It is crucial to read a company’s policies and terms of work before hiring it.

  1. Inquire about Company’s accreditations and affiliations with professional organizations

 How long are they in cleaning business? Does the company have any accreditations, awards or affiliations with the professional enterprises?  You must be concerned about the trustworthiness and market reputation of the company. If a company has accreditations and has won awards and good reviews from potential clients that stamps the credibility and good repute of the company.

  1. Know whom you’re hiring

You must be clear about the number of persons coming to your home or office and understand that if the company is a sharing-economy company or a bonafide service company. It’s a matter of trust so ask before hiring that does the company have a complete track record of their cleaners and can they plan you the same cleaner more often.

Finally, for a reliable company online research, referrals and customer reviews are very important. One thing you must make sure before hiring a cleaning company, that there must not be any cancellation fee. In case you want to cancel or change the service the company must not have any hidden charges for that.