Great Eco-Friendly Options for Your Garden

In this day and age, everybody should be doing as much as they can to help protect the environment. The garden is a great place where you can create a relaxing space but it is also the perfect space to bring in some eco-friendly solutions so you can give back to the planet.


You will use a tremendous amount of water around your garden and a commitment to going green will save you a lot of money over the years. Invest in a water-butt to collect rainwater to save your water bill. This water is clean and natural and can be used in a variety of different places around your garden.

If you like to water your plants to give them a little extra boost, the time of day you water them at is very important if you wish to remain as eco-friendly as possible. Whip the hose or watering can out either early in the morning or late in the evening to prevent the hot midday sun from evaporating some of the water.

Solar Solutions

In addition to solar panels on the roof of your home – great for heating water and powering your lights  – you should also look for solar lighting solutions for your garden. Garden lights can make your green space cosy and atmospheric at night but they will be adding to your electricity bill.

There are many options for solar lamps on the market. You can find some great, stylish lamps which fit the aesthetic of your garden. These will charge all day and can then be switched on at night to give your green area a lovely glow.


Something as simple as your choice of shed or outbuilding can have a massive impact on your eco-footprint. Steel buildings are one of the few choices out there which can be fully sustainable throughout their lifetime. What’s more, they are durable and can last much longer than their wooden counterparts. If you would like to add a steel building to your garden, you should consider checking out a company such as Armstrong Steel to see all the different options available to you. Armstrong’s building options are best suited to first time buyers as both the buying and building process is simplified to make it as hassle-free as possible.


The plants you select will have a great impact on the sustainability of your garden. By making smart choices, you will soon have an eco-friendly paradise. Plant trees to act as air purifiers and natural insect repellents like lavender and rosemary will keep pests away from your borders. Even your flower choices can have a whole host of different benefits to your wider garden beyond how they look.

You can boost all of these plants with your own homemade compost. Just recycle all your trimmings from the garden and organic waste from the kitchen and, in a few months, you will have your own high-quality compost to feed your plants with.

An eco-friendly garden need not be expensive. With some sensible choices, you can soon relax amongst your amazing new green space; green in every sense of the word.