Easy Ways to Transform Your Home

Everyone gets bored with their home from time to time. The rooms look drab, and you feel like a pop of color or new furniture will do the trick. Even the exterior can begin to look old and worn, but many homeowners feel like they are stuck when it comes to their home’s outer appearance. In reality, you have many options that will quickly transform the look of any house. Some are costly while others are more affordable, but all of them will give you that new look your searching for.

The Roof

Nothing will make your house look old and worn quicker than a bad roof. If you have curled or missing shingles, the entire structure can look like it is in need of help. The more affordable option is to have the bad sections replaced or repaired. As long as it isn’t leaking, this should suffice. If there is a little more money in the budget, a completely new roof will add instant curb appeal. There are many colors and styles of modern shingles that you can pick from.

The Siding

Siding that is stained, cracked, or falling off does nothing for the exterior of your home. A budget friendly solution would be to replace the worst areas and power wash the rest. If it doesn’t come clean, you may consider painting it. The ideal solution, although costlier, is to have it re-sided. When looking for modern vinyl siding or more decorative options like cedar shake siding Portland has many experts like those at Clear Vision Construction that are ready to help you.

Doors and Windows

The front door is a sign of welcome, and your windows are a reflection of your home’s quality. Both need to be kept up. Often all that is needed is a fresh coat of paint on the trim and a pop of color on the door that invites guests in. If you have broken panes or the door is outdated, you may want to look into having them replaced.

With a little hard work or the right professionals, you can transform your home quickly and easily. Whether you decide on a new roof, updated doors and windows, or a more decorative siding, you are sure to be pleased with the results.