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How to Clean Before Moving In

It is important that you hire a house cleaning service for your new house before moving in. You can also decide to do the cleaning of your house to save on hiring expenses. It is important to make plans so that the key to the house will be with you before you the day you plan on cleaning.

Consider cleaning your house first thing. Kitchen is always supposed to be clean since preparation of food needs high levels of hygiene. Always ensure that you leave your kitchen sparkling clean for your hygiene. Cooking smells tend to irritate and therefore for you to feel comfortable while cleaning the house you need to attend to the kitchen first. Clean the house as you ensure that all the leftover items are thrown away. Also clean the refrigerator and the oven if the house has them. It is also important to wipe the dust in the cabinets to ensure that when you move in your items will be placed in a clean place. You can use chlorine free bleach to clean your sink to remain sparkling. It is essential to keep the place you and your family will be spending a good proportion of the day in. Baking soda and water can also clean the fridge well. Use smooth brushes to clean your fridge so that it is not scratched. To clean the oven it is important to use the oven cleaner. Your safety comes first.

Ensure that you wash the inside walls and shelves. Remove all things that can be separated and wash them separately in the sink or basin. As you clean the fridge the power to it should be off to prevent electric shock in case a naked wire gets into contact with water. It is also helpful to use a soft cloth because anything rough will scratch the surface of the fridge making it look old.

Ensure that the kind of detergents you use on your cabinet are those that do not bleach so that the paint remains colorful and attractive in your house.

In case the previous tenants had kids you are likely to find dirt on the wall around the light switches and at the corners. If there are stubborn stains on the walls you should use liquid stick cleaners to remove these stains.

It is vital to make sure all carpets are cleaned in advance to make sure carpets dry.

You can hire services of transfer of your items into your house when you put everything in order.

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