Owner of Orange County Audiovisual Company, Good Sounds, Talks About the Secret to Running a Successful Business for Almost 40 Years

As the founder of one of the first companies on the West Coast doing audiovisual integration for high-end residences, Mitch Goodz has pretty much seen it all. When he came to Orange County, California in 1980 to start a custom audio installation company, this type of company was pretty much unheard of. At that time, those who wanted high-quality sound systems in their homes were using repurposed professional-grade products typically only seen in Hollywood studios. They had an industrial look that didn’t necessarily fit in with high-end home design. Goodz’s vision was to source high-quality audio products that could be adapted so as to not detract from a home’s design.

Even though he was offering something not previously available, Goodz was met with resistance from custom home designers and builders who either didn’t understand what he was doing or didn’t see the need for such a service. But Goodz stuck with his idea because he knew there were homeowners who wanted high-quality audio systems in their homes that would blend into their home’s décor.

Almost 40 years later, Goodz and his company, Good Sounds, are still in Orange County installing audio systems for discerning homeowners. Their business has expanded, however, to include high-end video systems, custom home theaters, and smart home technology. They are now capable of providing homeowners with fully automated homes, giving them the ability to control all the systems in their home from their mobile device or an intuitive hand-held remote. Homeowners can easily control everything from audiovisual systems to home security systems to HVAC systems to their pool and spa.

All of the equipment and hardware they use are seamlessly integrated into the home’s design. Goodz and his team work closely with interior designers, architects, custom cabinet builders, and developers to make sure the home’s audio and video components match the character and quality of the home.

Over the years, Goodz has built a solid business doing what he loves. He is still intimately involved in every project and works hard to stay on top of the ever-changing technology. His loyal clients often return when they want changes or upgrades to their audiovisual systems, and he has earned the respect of local home designers and builders.

One of the keys to his business success, according to Goodz, is his team’s ability to create custom, high-end systems that don’t require a homeowner to be “tech-savvy” in order to operate them. He also works hard to give them a system that meets their specific needs. Goodz says, “I guide our customers to what works best based on how they explain their needs to me. That means that I listen. I don’t pitch trends. I hear where our customers are coming from. I think about how we can give them the latest and greatest wrapped in a package of what they want. And at the end of the project, I am proud to hear ‘Oh wow, this is what we meant, this is what we wanted.’” You can learn more about Good Sounds by visiting their company’s website: https://goodsounds.net/