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Information on Fog Misting Systems

Fog is a type of cloud which is low lying and is primarily affected by physical features and wind conditions of the surrounding environment The misting fan is portable and can move from one room to another to dispense humidity in the environment. The misting system works by atomizing the water droplets then passing the water through a designed nozzle with high pressure to cool the surrounding as it evaporates.

There are generally three types of misting systems, high-pressure misting systems, mid pressure and low pressure misting systems.

The low-pressure misting system uses the standard pressure to function, and therefore it is not necessary to buy expensive misting pumps. The low pressure misting system is affordable and therefore is recommended for home owners who have a strained budget but still want to enjoy the cooling effect.

Mid Pressure Misting Systems; This type of misting system requires a finer nozzle as it produces water with higher pressure and therefore spraying better quality mist that is more quickly by the heat.

The fog produced from a mid-pressure machine may take a little longer to evaporate than that from a high-pressure system, but the droplets will still vaporize faster than those provided by a low pressure misting pump.

Using very high pressure machines, this system generates tiny fine quality mist which are readily absorbed by the heat and produces a cooling effect almost instantly, the quality of the system allows it to do this without facing any mishaps in the nozzle.

The high-pressure system provides entirely adequate as it keeps the surrounding dry functions well both in moderate and high humidity conditions, the tiny mist produced is quickly absorbed by heat, and it evaporates fast resulting in an utterly fresh environment that every homeowner would desire.

Considerations to make when purchasing a misting system

Avoid some inconveniences by acquiring all parts of the system from the same supplier as they will be responsible for ensuring that all parts of the system work well and in the event, the system has an issue, you can take it back to them.

Check the system Integrity; when buying check to ensure that all the parts of the system are related to work with the correct amount of pressure, low-pressure pipes cannot work with a high-pressure pump as it will result in damage and vice versa.

Before you purchase the misting system or the parts, provide it has got a warranty as this will ensure that the supplier replaces or repairs the machine in case of any damage arising from their negligence.

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