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Guide to Choosing the Best Men’s Cologne

For humans, the sense of smell is not well- developed but they do have a good interest in scents. Ever since the dawn of existence, humans are known to have been combining various plants, essences and various artificial substances to make good perfumes. There can be a lot of things that men do not like but cologne is not one of them. Cologne can’t be found out of date or style as they are timeless, they can make statements and adapt to a person’s skin, becoming a personal trademark. Several scents have redefined men’s cologne market. There are several scents for almost everyone interested. However, it is important to look for the best for you and there are many factors to consider.

Ensure that you first test the perfume yourself. Note that the same perfume may not smell the same on two different people because of factors like skin PH and body temperature that have effects on the scent. This makes it important that you test the cologne of various areas like the inside of the elbow where much heat is emitted. It is also important to note that the human nose cant differentiate more than three scents at the same time hence you should only spray one or two to be able to tell which is which. It is best to try the perfume with a paper tester first before spraying it on any part of your body.

Avoid rushing to buy the cologne you have identified before you know how long it will last on your skin. Check well also how the cologne will develop throughout the day. This is because cologne have three different notes. The first is the top notes, which can be distinguished right away after spraying; and the base notes will remain after the perfumes have settled. If you want to distinguished the perfume to be for men, it should be generally musky, green, aquatic, spicy and predominantly woody with sandalwood, musk and amber base note.

Ensure that you aren’t influenced by anybody’s opinion to but a particular perfume. There are various perfumes that are very famous and intriguing, but most others are not for everyone. There are some fragrant recommendations that are for mature and confident men. Some other perfumes can be used by younger men because of their soft nature.

Various whether conditions also affect the type of perfume to be used. Some perfumes will best be used during colder days while others will best fit the warmer days and daytime. Check also for the perfume that will last longer. The ultimate way will be to try several perfumes and check how they vary during the day.

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