Owner of Orange County Audiovisual Company, Good Sounds, Talks About the Secret to Running a Successful Business for Almost 40 Years

As the founder of one of the first companies on the West Coast doing audiovisual integration for high-end residences, Mitch Goodz has pretty much seen it all. When he came to Orange County, California in 1980 to start a custom audio installation company, this type of company was pretty much unheard of. At that time, those who wanted high-quality sound systems in their homes were using repurposed professional-grade products typically only seen in Hollywood studios. They had an industrial look that didn’t necessarily fit in with high-end home design. Goodz’s vision was to source high-quality audio products that could be adapted so as to not detract from a home’s design.

Even though he was offering something not previously available, Goodz was met with resistance from custom home designers and builders who either didn’t understand what he was doing or didn’t see the need for such a service. But Goodz stuck … Read the rest

Why are commercial cleaning training programs necessary?

Commercial cleaning is an art which needs a broader knowledge of skills along with planning, organizing, cleaning techniques, surface materials, health and safety of the site, equipment, and chemicals. Trainers if untrained, without such knowledge could pose a risk to others, to themselves, to surface materials and will also contribute to a significant wastage of cleaning products and time.

The need for commercial cleaning training programs

Apart from safety, commercial cleaning training programs are needed for inculcating good and hygienic cleaning standards and practices which will help to reduce cost by reducing wastage.Commercial cleaning training programs will also promote new ideas in the organization. It deals with the introduction of newer opportunities which could be well harnessed as well as improving the current thinking and procedures.

Onsite commercial cleaning training programs

Whether it is a group of existing or new staff, onsitecommercial cleaning training programs can deliver and design such … Read the rest

Beautiful Bathrooms: 3 Steps To Attain Luxury Bathroom Chic

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

Understandably, the focus for bathroom design typically centers around its everyday functionality – providing a practical space for carrying out your daily bathing routine. However, this can leave many bathrooms feeling cold, sterile and lacking in style, but this definitely doesn’t have to be the case – as we’ll show you in this post.

Today, we’ll be sharing some of our top bathroom design tips that will allow you to create a beautiful, luxurious area within your home that goes beyond just the practical purposes. From statement fixtures to sumptuous colors schemes and more, we’ll show you that luxury bathroom chic is easily achievable regardless of your bathroom size and style.

Get the basics right

Whether you’re updating a sizeable family bathroom or a modest wetroom, selecting the right integral features like sinks, toilets and baths will contribute a sense of grandeur to your … Read the rest

Get Countertop Contractor To Get Your Kitchen A New Elegant Look

Your kitchen is like the heart of your house. A good kitchen is a must for every house no matter what the conditions are. Hence it is recommended that you get your kitchen turned into a place that is extremely fine for preparing food and serving it. To achieve this you have to get the best of the kitchen countertops for your kitchen. Hence you need a countertop contractor to help you so you could find the best kitchen countertop that might suit you. Be it granite, marble or quartz each type of countertop has its own benefits and its own cons. It depends upon your usage that will determine the best countertop for your kitchen. Some benefits of getting a countertop for your kitchen are given below, so check them out.

No dirt and fewer bacteria

Getting a countertop for your kitchen would reduce the amount of dust that … Read the rest

Why waterproofing is necessary

There is no such thing is embarrassing in the home then the leakage of water. This is the problem which we have to hardily solve anywhere we found so this becomes also a burden on your wallet as you have to pay a high amount of cash to your plumber to solve that problem. Almost all the area in your building can be more effective and safe with the help of waterproofing. Waterproofing works extend the life of the building and its very useful for the leakage of the water from a different area of the building like roofs, basements and sidewalks. If your building is not waterproofed when it’s built it is not too late to get it down now and if you left your building exposed to water and moisture then there are lots of chances of big damage. Cracks and leakage of water from that place can … Read the rest